Google Venturing Further With Self Driving Cars

Google Venturing Further With Self Driving Cars

Google is heading out of California and making their way to Austin, Texas, where they plan to expand the testing their self-driving car is undergoing. The tiny pod like car will make its debut in Austin within the next few weeks. To kickstart the move, Google hosted an event at a children’s museum in Austin where they showcased their cars. Children found the car to be futuristic looking and seemed excited by the prospect of being able to do whatever they wanted in the car while it was driving.

Austin is currently hosting Google’s Lexus SUV self-driving prototypes, so it makes sense they’d move the smaller models there for further testing. The change of location offers Google different situations and conditions to test the vehicles under. Not only are road conditions different, but traffic patterns differ, as does the style of driving. For the moment, both the Lexus and the Google prototype car will have human drivers in them during the testing.

Currently self-driving cars are treated the same as regular cars when it comes to regulations, but Google’s testing might change that. Depending on the results of these tests, new regulations might have to be put in place for self-driving cars.


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