Benefits Of Purchasing Car Dealer Advertising Products From Auto Dealership Suppliers

The use of Car Dealer Advertising products undoubtedly carries unlimited potential to increase sales.  Towering strands of balloons and ‘sale’ flags draw nearby potential customers into your dealership, where brightly colored slogans pop off product windshields, and grab the attention of anyone strolling by.  Creating that point of purchase excitement is important, because no potential car buyer decides to buy the car upon entering the financing department. The point of purchase is where customers see the highlighted products, are dazzled with deals, and make the decision to purchase it. By the time your buyer reaches the office where they’ll be hashing out the details of purchase, they should be ecstatic at the prospect of ownership. Advertising products and help create that excitement.

So when choosing who to buy these advertising aids from, wouldn’t you want to pick a company that understands your industry? With an Auto Dealership Supplier, that’s exactly what you’ll get.  Sales representatives at these specialized suppliers know the sales trends that affect dealerships, including regional and local trends.  They know what works and how to implement it. Because these types of companies work only with car dealerships, they always have the latest advertising aids ready to order, and keep the car dealership necessities in stock. Keeping a stock of these commonly ordered items, such as stock stickers and key tags, makes turn around and shipping time lightening quick.

Dealership suppliers work so closely with your dealerships that even your custom orders will take less time as we learn your orders, logos and product needs. Our insight and understanding of the dealership industry allows our reps to know what you need, even if you don’t. Working only with auto dealers allows dealership-specific suppliers to recognize products by their descriptions, and recommend products that would increase the effectiveness of your advertising.  As an added bonus, here at Carguys Promotional Inc., every dealership account has a designated and knowledgeable salesperson assigned for your account.

This allows your sales rep to learn your specific buying patterns, and alert you when you need to order more products. We know that car dealerships make their money in selling cars, and that spending hours upon hours, bogged down, trying to figure out which products need to be ordered can be detrimental to sales. By keeping track of your usage patterns and regularly ordered products, we make sure you don’t have to lose any valuable time on the sales floor.

Every dealership has some form of on-lot advertising. Every dealership should order their products for on-lot advertising in the most efficient manner possible. Auto dealership suppliers provide a unique insight into the auto industry that larger, multi-market suppliers can’t provide. The experience and specialization of dealership suppliers can optimize your advertising strategies and increase sales, while creating a more convenient and efficient buying experience. When you order from a company that truly understands your industry, the difference will be clear.

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