How To Grow Your Business With Custom Promotional Products

 Custom Promotional Products have made their way into every industry, as a vital source of advertisement. From doctors’ offices, to repair shops, to car dealerships, you can always find those trusted advertising aids, emblazoned with a company logo, waiting to be passed on to a customer. Perhaps so many different types of businesses use Custom Promotional Items due to their inexpensive cost and multitude of marketing benefits.

One of the least expensive and most effective forms of advertisement is word-of-mouth advertising; when a customer tells other prospective consumers about a great company, great product, and great service. Custom license plate frames, keychains, decals, pens and apparel are all excellent ways to facilitate word-of-mouth advertising. When someone buys a new car fitted with a custom dealership license plate frame and dealer decal, which naturally directs the conversation towards your business and the service experienced by the consumer. A friend may notice the new car owner’s logo cap and ask about the dealership or buying experience, which gives the new car owner an opportunity to rave about the amazing service and hitch-free car buying experience provided.

Custom Promotional Products also provide multiple exposures for your brand. If a customer uses a promotional pen from your dealership to write every day, your brand is reinforced to them every single time they look at the pen. Effective frequency, an advertising term meaning amount of exposures to an advertising message that are required to achieve effective communication, is extremely high with Custom Promotional Items. The recognition of brands is also aided by the use of custom promotional items. By starting with a blank slate product, and adding in fun graphics, eye-catching colors, and dealership information, you can build a positive image of your brand. When your logo is included on custom promotional items and spread around, people begin to recognize the logo, and are more likely to buy from a company whose name and image they recognize. That is simply human nature, seeking the familiar. Custom promotional items come in many forms, which allows for easy, targeted advertising.

The best return on investment comes from concentrating on a specific audience that can either use your product or influence others to see it. For example, mailing pens marked with your dealership’s name to the employees that work in a prominent local investment company, where many may be in the market for a new car, or giving away t-shirts with a company logo to students in a college town.  Giving away custom promotional items or apparel is also a method of good-will advertising. Competing dealerships often sell the same cars at similar prices, so what sets you apart? Outstanding service, of course, but sometimes it can be as simple as giving a few canvas totes decorated with dealer logos, or a ball cap stitched with your brand name. These small gifts can set your dealership a cut above competitors.

It can be agreed that custom promotional items are an effective, low-cost method of advertising, considering all the ways these products reach current and potential accounts.

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