Reusable Balloons Vs. Latex Balloons

In the practice of running a successful business, you always try to get the most bang for your buck. So, when it comes to the balloons that add a festive touch to your dealership, drawing eyes towards your lot, are you buying the best product for your needs? Reusable Balloons and latex balloons both have distinct advantages and disadvantages, and before deciding whether to make a quick purchase of disposable balloons, or invest in reusable balloons, you need to know how each product stacks up.

Reusable Balloons are more durable than their disposable latex counterparts, because they are built to last anywhere from 6 months to a full year. They are specially designed to withstand temperature fluctuations with minimal sagging, and also fare better in windy environments, due to their sturdy composition. Another factor into the sturdiness of reusable balloons is the fiberglass rod that holds them up, preventing them from being viciously blown about in the wind. No special tools are required to install the fiberglass pole kit, and if you lack landscaping space, or wish to display reusable balloons indoors, there are specially made sand and water bases that can be ordered. The fiberglass rod also negates he need for helium, which is where you save the most money on reusable balloons. In most areas the average cost to fill a standard latex balloon with helium is over 1$ apiece. Because of this cost, reusable balloons generally pay for themselves within the first two weeks. Because they are made of plastic, not latex, reusable balloons can be completely deflated and stored in between uses. Reusable balloons do have to be replaced around every 6-12 months, when the colors begin to fade, especially bright colors, like red, tend to fade faster. Reusable balloons also should be cleaned when they start to show dirt and grime, as this will make the color and shine last longer.

Latex Balloons also have a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages associated with their use. Latex balloons are lighter weight, and more versatile. Because of their lighter weight and smaller size, latex balloons can be used in more contexts, for example latex balloons can be affixed to pennant strings, which can be seen from much further away than when reusable balloons are affixed to 2 or 4 foot poles. Latex balloons are lightweight and attached to string or ribbon, which makes them easy, convenient, and quick to set up. The convenience of a disposable product, that doesn’t require cleaning or storage after use can be attractive, especially in a busy atmosphere like an auto dealership. Latex balloons also tend to be oval or egg shaped, like a traditional balloon, than reusable balloons, which are generally more circular in shape. Latex balloons, however, tend to have more detrimental reactions to extreme weather and temperature shocks, and must be filled with expensive helium in order to float. Changes in temperature also cause the helium to change volume, which can make latex balloons sag, due to their supple surface.

Hopefully this breakdown has helped you determine if you need the durability and money saving ability of a reusable balloon, or if the versatility and convenience of a traditional latex balloon suits your dealership best.

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