How License Plates Are Important For Your Vehicles

According to CNN, the average American commuter spends 42 hours a year stuck in traffic, and if you drive in a heavily populated area such as Washington D.C. or Los Angeles, that figure nearly doubles to 81 hours a year. An article on the United States Census website informs us that yet another 100+ hours, on average, are spent simply driving to and from destinations, without traffic. Imagine being able to translate all that time American drivers spend on the road, into advertising for your dealership! No extravagant billboards or expensive radio spots needed! You can reach an enormous number of people through something as simple as a custom dealership license plate.

Affixing a sleek, eye-catching plate emblazoned with your dealerships name, logos, slogans, and perhaps contact information, exposes thousands of drivers a day to your brand. Every time that fresh-off-the-lot vehicle zooms along the highway to work, drops the kids off at school, or parks downtown for a night out, countless drivers and pedestrians see your dealership’s name and information as they pass by. Every time a past or potential customer sees one of your custom license plates, your brand is reinforced in their brains. Greater exposure leads to a familiarity with your dealership that builds a trusting relationship, so that when these people are ready for a new vehicle, your name is the first one to visit.

Custom license plates can also play a huge role in facilitating word-of-mouth advertising. Imagine; a friend of yours has just bought a wonderful new or used vehicle. The two of you are standing outside admiring the shiny vehicle, while your friend rattles on about how smooth she drives and all the special features she’s loaded down with. You notice the license plate on the front of the car looks familiar; you’ve seen many cars driving down the road with them. Perhaps you’re in the market for a new car yourself. You ask your friend about the dealer, and they rave about the incredible service, pricing, and experience at the dealer. You decide to check it out next time you go car hunting. Providing custom license plates alongside your already fantastic service will provide an easy conversational transition to the amazing car buying experience that comes along with your brand.

Here at Carguys we have a custom plate to fit any need. Durable plastic plates come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 55 gauge down to 30, 23, 19, and 15 gauge, with our guarantee against cracking and peeling. These plates are printed with UV resistant ink, to hold up against years of sun, heat, and weather. Poly-coated cardboard plates are available as a more temporary usage version of these fantastic advertising aids. 24-gauge aluminum plates are available in natural aluminum and white, with four-color processing available. These plates are a more permanent version of the classic plastic promotional plate, capable of outlasting harsh weather, heat and sun without fading.  Clearly with all of these options available, you can find  the perfect custom plate to kick your word-of-mouth advertising game into overdrive.

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