Looking For Best Deal Jackets For Your Dealership?

When keeping records for 3-10 years, staying organized is extremely important. Deal Jackets are a great way to keep all that paperwork organized by customer and transaction, but how do you go about selecting the right deal jacket for your needs? Well that depends on what you need. Lightweight deal jackets are a great option if you need to save space for storage. Lightweight deal jackets are made of a thin, papery material that doesn’t take up much space. The trade off with lightweight deal jackets is what you save in office space you lose in strength. If you tend to handle your paperwork often, or tend to have large amounts of paperwork in each deal jacket, the lightweight deal jackets may be more susceptible to wear and tear damage. Heavyweight deal jackets on the other hand, are made of a sturdy cardstock material that holds up well with frequent handling. If you tend to be little rougher on your things, maybe heavyweight deal jackets are for you. Heavyweight deal jackets are less flexible, and take up a bit more storage space. So if your space is lacking you may want to try a lighter weight jacket.

If you’re feeling like Goldilocks and lightweight deal jackets are too fragile, but heavyweight deal jackets take up too much space, perhaps our color code sale jackets are the solution you’re looking for. These sale jackets are a medium weight, sturdier than lightweights and slimmer than heavyweights. These sale jackets are however specifically compatible with our color-code organizational system (Auto-filing system), which is its major difference from the heavy and lightweight deal jackets. The auto-filing system is a color coded organizational sticker system that matches letters, numbers, months, years, and makes with colored stickers, making for an easy, ready-made filing system. Light and Heavyweight deal jackets are not specifically designed to be used with the color-code auto-filing system, but are still compatible with them. These deal jackets can also be organized by simply writing information on the edges of the jacket. The information on the front of the deal jackets varies slightly, but all relevant information can be found on any of our selections. If you need specialized information, or none of these options sound quite right, custom deal jackets are also available. Custom deal jackets can be light or heavy weight, with any information you need printed on the front. Custom deal jackets can also be set up for use alongside the color-code auto-filing system.

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