Vehicle Protection

Automotive Safety Gear: Adjusting to the Times

During the peak of the world shutting down from the Covid-19 pandemic, we all suddenly became aware of just what “essential” meant. As defined by the government, essential services were to stay open, because we needed them, and non-essentials were to shut down. Grocery stores and hospitals stayed open, restaurants and gyms shut down.

One of the classified essential services was the automotive industry. It was pretty clear that we need transportation. Gas stations remained open; service joints stayed open. Even car dealerships were opening before restaurants. Regardless of how you might feel about the openings and closings, it’s undeniable that transportation is absolutely essential. We need transportation to function and live our lives.

Providing Essential Items for Essential Travel

As we start to normalize our lives and society begins to open, there are certainly some adjustments we’ve made. In order to work with the changing industry of transportation, CGP Products has started to gear our focus toward providing what you need to keep moving when it comes to your car or vehicle.

Our best selling products for added protection include:

  • Disposable face masks
  • Standard seat covers
  • Sterling wheel covers
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Gear shift knob covers
  • “Sanitized Vehicle” stickers
  • Face shields
  • “Wait Here” Floor decals
  • Acrylic tabletop protective barriers

Having added protection brings peace of mind and a sense of security, especially in times as uncertain as these. Plus, they’re perfect for drivers, maintenance, and families alike.

Protect Your Business and Yourself

Transportation is an absolutely essential service, as is car maintenance and servicing. The best way to protect yourself or your own business right now is to invest in quality, protective supplies that only protect you, but give your customers a sense of security, as well.

Our products are designed to meet the needs of anyone looking to increase added personal protection when it comes to transportation. If you are a freelance ride app driver who wants to protect himself/herself and improve safety for your riders, we have what you need. If you have a car rental service or you are renting a car yourself, our protective gear is single-use and convenient.

If you have your own rental service or automotive business, we are also supplying a lot of what you need. Let your customers know their safety is your priority when they finish a car wash or maintenance by utilizing seat and steering wheel covers. Keep your guests safe with placement stickers on the floor to avoid overcrowding and encourage distancing.

Adapting for Success

Without a doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the world and our everyday lives. This change is not what matters- what matters is how we adapt to this change. Adding protective equipment and gear shows you are up for the challenge of taking on what comes your way. Taking measures to increase the safety of yourself, any customers or clients you have, and working to instill confidence in others that you’re ready to do the job as safely as possible, are all vital and the right move to keep you moving forward.