5 Reasons Every Auto Dealership Needs Magnetic Car Bows

5 Reasons Every Auto Dealership Needs Magnetic Car Bows

The holiday season is officially here! As the season approaches, more families will be flocking to their local auto dealer, looking to get new vehicles for spouses or teenagers. Dealerships have tremendous sales as they work to offload all the new models brought in, and to encourage the more purchases. People have their holiday bonuses coming in and are looking to take part in in a great sale. As you look to prepare your auto dealership with supplies for the holiday season, here’s five reasons why that should include our 30” magnetic car bows.

  1. Buyers need some simple reasons to get excited about a purchase.

This year more than ever, people are looking for whatever extra excitement they can bring into their life. Challenges and uncertainties have been abundant in 2020, and the simple pleasures now mean more than ever before. When you potential buyers head to your auto dealership, something like colored bows being displayed around the dealership can boost their moods and emotions, and with uplifted spirits comes easier sales!

  1. You can showcase your biggest and best sales with a giant holiday bow.

With a selection of colorful giant magnetic car bows, you can easily denote which cars have particularly great deals. If you’re hoping to unload a vehicle that’s hard a pretty long stay, a bow can catch the eye of a passerby and lead them to take an extra moment’s glance rather than walking by. Show which vehicles are you best sales and get your potential buyers a bit more excited about those sales.

  1. Play into the ‘gram lifestyle.

Not that it’s a priority, but especially when it comes to the younger buyers and drivers, the photo-op is a huge moment. Whether it’s a teenager coming in with their parent or a young adult looking to advertise the gift they’ve bought for themselves, they’ll be a bit more excited to photograph with the bow, which feeds perfectly to the idea of being a bit extra. Give them an opportunity to pose with their new car and giant bow, and they’ll likely tag your business in the post, as well!

  1. Encourage the feeling of gift-giving to persuade lookers into becoming buyers.

With an uncertain economy, some families just need to be reminded about what a great gift a car can make. Whether it’s for Christmas, Hannukah, or perhaps just a winter birthday, the having30” magnetic bows at your auto dealership means your guests and visitors can feel a bit more inspired to give the gift of transport to a loved one. With bright, and spirit-lifting bows on some of your vehicles, they will feel a twinge of excitement at the thought of giving someone else a car for the holidays.

  1. Bring a kick of energy and color to your auto dealership.

Our auto dealership supplies include 30” magnetic bows that come in eleven different colors: red, white, blue, green, gold, silver, pink, orange, yellow, black and a patriotic pattern. Regardless of the holiday or season, they’re a simple way to up your sales aesthetic and bring more energy to your dealership. When your potential buyers feel welcomed, excited, and energetic, it’s easier to close a sale with them.

Sometimes, it’s the smallest thing that can have the biggest impact. Our shop includes auto dealer supplies like our 30” magnetic car bows, made of weather resistant vinyl and vibrant coloring to really excited the potential buyers at your dealership this winter. Buy some today and help your customers get excited to make a purchase!