BB Single Light Pole Kit

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  • Kit includes 2 quick-release 10″ diameter worm-drive band clamps, 1 light pole bracket, 1 fiberglass stem, and 1 BalloonBobber.
  • Angled bracket allowes for a constant swaying motion, even in slight winds, reminiscent of latex ballons.
  • BalloonBobber is a helium-free, durable, reusable and refillable plastic balloon.
  • BalloonBobber’s egg-shape give it the appearence of a classic balloon, without the need for expensive helium.
  • We recommend replacing BalloonBobber every 5-8 months, when their color and brilliant shimmer begins to fade.
  • If you need a balloon that lasts in subzero temperatures in excess of 25 degrees, you may want to upgrade to BobberMaxx or DuraBalloon.
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