DuraBalloon® Short Ground Pole Kit

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  • Kit includes a 24″ Pole, 30″ fiberglass ground stake with depth indicator line, a ground plate, a 41″ Fiberglass Stem, and a DuraBalloon of your choice.
  • Stands about 6.75′ tall with balloon, great for staggering with ground pole kits or taller clusters.
  • DuraBalloon is a helium-free, reusable and refillable, maximum-durability balloon perfect for areas with extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations, as well as strong winds.
  • DuraBalloon is an ultra shiny, spherical balloon that comes in 46 colors and designs.
  • Our MOST durable balloon, no balloon stands up to the elements like Duraballoon! While Durabaloon could last years, we recommend replacing every 7-10 months when the colors begin to fade.