Pot O’ Gold Sales Incentive Board

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Here’s How It Works: An employee earns a pull as a “bonus.” The award is printed on the pull tab. The employee also writes his/her name on the line corresponding to his/her pull tab number. After all the tabs have been pulled, the gold seal tab is pulled to reveal a pull tab number. The employee with the matching number wins the additional jackpot bonus, determined by the Manager.

Use this game to increase sales from your sales people, stimulate add-on sales from your technicians, recognize special contributions made by your employees, promote team spirit, build morale, etc. Uses monetary awards.


  • Increase your sales and promote competition.
  • Build morale and promote team spirit
  • 25 pull tabs, ranging from $5.00 to $25.00. Pays $250.00 plus the jackpot!
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