Swooper Flag Bundle Kit – Standard

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These durable Swooper Flags are made with super polyester knit material and pole set and base are heavy weight anodized aluminum. Our Swooper flags are heavy enough to last but still light enough to fly in the smallest breeze. Get your message out there for all to see!


Take your pick from our large selection of different Swooper flags. Simply select your design with the corresponding letter and number, and then select either a ground stake or ground base.

What comes in the Swooper Flags Bundle?

  • Kit includes the following:
    • (1) Swooper Flag of your Choice
    • (1) 15′ Swooper Flag Pole
    • (1) Ground Stake or Ground Base

Additional information

Flag Selection

a1 – Mazda, a2 – Volkswaken (White), a3 – Volkwagen (Black), a4 – Toyota (Red), a5 – Toyota (White), a6 – Certified Used Vehicles, a7 – Toyota Hybrid, a8 – Scion, a9 – KIA, b1 – Hyundai, b2 – Nissan, b3 – Honda Certified, b4 – Honda, b5 – Ford, b6 – Ford Certified Pre-Owned, b7 – Subaru, b8 – Chrysler, b9 – Dodge (Black), c1 – Dodge (White), c2 – Dodge (Red), c3 – RAM, c4 – JEEP, c5 – Chevrolet (White), c6 – Chevrolet (Blue), c7 – GM Certified Used Vehicles, c8 – Mitsubishi, c9 – Infiniti (Black), d1 – Infiniti (Red), d2 – Infiniti (Blue), d3 – Volvo, d4 – BMW, d5 – Audi, d6 – Acura, d7 – Buick, d8 – GMC, d9 – Lincoln, e1 – Cadillac, e2 – Nissan Certified Pre-Owned, e3 – 0% Finance, e4 – Buy Here, Pay Here, e5 – CarFax, e6 – Car of the Week, e7 – Certified Pre-Owned (Blue), e8 – Certified Pre-Owned (Red), e9 – Clearance Sale, f1 – Easy Finance, f2 – HOT Buys, f3 – HOT Prices, f4 – HUGE Savings, f5 – LOOK, f6 – Manager Special, f7 – No Credit, f8 – OPEN (Red Font), f9 – OPEN (Checkered), g1 – OPEN (Blue Font), g2 – Used Cars, g3 – Used Trucks (Blue), g4 – Used Trucks (Red), g5 – We Buy Cars, g6 – We Finance, g7 – Welcome (Smiley Face), g8 – Welcome (Red & Blue w/ Stars), g9 – Welcome (Yellow Stars), h1 – OPEN (Yelllow Font), h2 – SALE (Red Font), h3 – SALE (Blue BG, White Font), h4 – SALE (Red BG, White Font), h5 – SALE (USA Font), h6 – SALE (Red Outline, Black Font), h7 – SALE (Black Font), h8 – SALE (Red Font, Yellow BG), h9 – SAVE, i1 – Sell, Buy, Trade, i2 – Stop, Save, Now, i3 – TRUCKS (Blue), i4 – TRUCKS (Red), i5 – TRUCKS (Blue Font, White Outline), i6 – USED CARS (Blue), i7 – USED CARS (Red), i8 – USED CARS (Red, Blue w/ Stars), i9 – USED CARS (Orange, Blue w/ Stars), j1 – Black, White Checkered, j2 – Black, Red Checkered, j3 – Black, Yellow Checkered, j4 – Blue, White Checkered, j5 – Red, White Checkered, j6 – American Flag V1, j7 – Amercan Flag V2, j8 – American Flag V3, j9 – Blue Stars, White and Red BG

Stake or Base

Stake, Tire Base