Payment Terms

Open account to accredited D & B Rated Franchised New Car Dealers who meet our terms of payments as stated on our invoices.  Ground and TRUCK SHIPMENTS are Freight Collect.  Air and other special forms of transportation costs will be added to the invoice.  VISA – MASTERCARD – DISCOVER – AMERICAN EXPRESS accepted.


Identify “repeat” orders to ensure accurate reproduction.  Send factory invoice and order numbers with date last ordered (records available for 3 years).  Exact repeat orders will be entered immediately into production.  When placing new orders indicate quantity, style name/number, color(s) and imprint to be used.  A rough layout is advised for clarity.  CGP will acknow-
ledge all custom orders.  Upon receipt, please review acknowledgement for accuracy and delivery scheduling.  Advise CGP immediately of any errors or discrepancies.  All orders are subject to acceptance at the home office upon receipt.


For orders falling between quantity breaks, use the smaller quantity price.  For larger quantities not shown, call or write us for a quotation.  Dies which have not been used for 3 years will be disposed of unless other arrangements have been made.  New setup charges may then be required.  All prices subject to change without notice.


Artwork, screens, dies, and plates made or altered by the Seller for this order will remain the property of the Seller and/or the Manufacturer.

Order Acceptance

All orders are subject to acceptance by the Seller at its home office.  Upon such acceptance, without further notice to the Customer, the order becomes a valid contract governed by the laws of the state in which the Seller’s home office is located.


Use standard letter styles.  If standard letter styles are not specified, factory will use their own discretion.  Custom letter styles require black and white camera-ready art, or CGP will prepare art, and costs will depend upon detail.  Catalog pricing based on Select type styles.  Others may require additional cost.  Black and white proofs are available and will show actual face dimensions.  Faxes are not considered camera-ready art.  *Emblems, Logos, and Registered Names available under your license agreement.  Where indicated, add appropriate emblem cost.  For Custom emblems, costs dependupon detail.


Customers are responsible for all local, state, federal, fees and taxes required by law.

Setup Charges

Most custom items require a setup charge for molds, plates, screens, dies, and typesetting that generally remain the property of CGP.  Call for quote.

Proofs/Spec Samples

Some manufacturers allow spec samples and charge fees.

Rush Orders

Some manufacturers accept rush orders.  They may be subject to additional production charges and/or fees.

Cancellations or Changes

Customer is responsible to pay for any and all costs incurred by factory up to notice of cancellation or changes.  This may include; artwork, setup charges, full die charges, and any production costs.  Notice of cancellation must be confirmed in writing.

Scheduling & Shipping

Every effort is made to ship within our normally scheduled production time.  CGP reserves the right to change shipping dates in accordance with produc-
tion schedules.  Not responsible for unforeseen delays.  CGP acknowledgement is the final verification of scheduled shipping date.  Unconfirmed delivery dates on purchase orders cannot be accepted.

FOB Points

From place of origin.  FedEx is used whenever possible.  Street address must be specified.  Motor freight may be used in place of FedEx due to weight or location.  CGP is not responsible for delayed or lost shipments. Tracking assistance is available.

Claims of Infringement

The purchaser will indemnify the seller and hold the seller harmless from and against all claims, demands, liabilities and expenses, including (without limitation) claims of infringement of patent, trademark, copyright or other proprietary right, invasion of privacy, or any other matter, arising from the use of any picture, plate, advertising copy, specifications or material furn-
ished to the seller by the purchaser or prepared by the seller at the purchaser’s request including reasonable attorney’s fees with court costs.

Claims & Returns

All shipments must be thoroughly checked upon arrival.  If you have any problem with your order, please contact us immediately for proper solution of the difficulty.  You must notify CGP within 30 days of any defects, omissions, or errors in manufacturing.  All returns require proper factory authorization.  Unauthorized returns will be refused.  All shipments leave the
factory in good condition after inspection.  Claims for lost or damaged merchandise, or concealed damage should be filed with delivering motor carrier.  Leave shipment intact and file claim immediately.  Returns of imprinted merchandise due to errors which are not the responsibility of the manufacturer or CGP will not be allowed.