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About Us

Our Message To You…

CGP Inc. is an automotive dealer supply company that does whatever it takes to ensure customer satisfaction.  We provide a fun, fast and easy buying experience both online and over the phone.

At Carguys Promotional we empower our employees with a philosophy that encourages every employee to improve the customer’s experience and business operations by making daily suggestions. This aids in:

  • Setting standards and then continually improving on those standards.
  • Making changes to improve quality.
  • Focusing on identifying problems, solving them and making sure they stay solved.

By doing this we can REDUCE waste, LOWER costs, INCREASE productivity and IMPROVE customer satisfaction.

As you search through our catalog and website you can browse our vast selection of products, request information and talk to us about your needs. You can also get information on what products are currently improving sales and get up to date information on our current specials.

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Please call 877-732-5065 to order all custom products. At CGP we believe in personalized service so we can ensure your complete satisfaction. We have dedicated graphic artists ready to create a positive experience and tailor products to meet all your exact needs.