Custom License Plate Frames Designer

Custom License Plate Frames

Design Your Very Own Custom License Plate Frames in minutes!

Using our very own custom builder, design your license frames with just a few simple clicks.

Once you’ve edited until your hearts content, simply submit your design to one of our editors for a FREE quote.

One of our representatives will give you a call to finalize the details and make sure your 100% happy with your design. ?

Learning the Ropes

A Legend to show what options do what.
Our video tutorials also go over them in a little more detail.
  • [SAVE] – You can use this option to SAVE your current design. This can be combined with the load option to reload your designs in seconds.
  • [LOAD DESIGNS] – Load any previously saved designs
  • [ZOOM] – Zoom into the Canvas for a better view
  • [UNDO] – The magic UNDO button.
    Undo the last step
  • [REDO] – The lucky REDO button.
    Redo the previous step.
  • [ADD IMAGE] – Upload your own custom logos right here
  • [ADD TEXT] – Add your text by selecting this tab
  • [CHOOSE FROM DESIGNS] – Change the license Frames on the fly.
    Add Dealer Logos in a variety of different colors.
  • [MANAGE LAYERS] – The Main HUB. Manage all the different layers from this option. This includes deleting any text, logos etc that you have added

Video Tutorials

Be sure to check out our video tutorials before you get started!

Meet the Designer

The Final Step

Once you are happy with your design, please select the dropdown box below and select YES.
Then simply complete the form below and submit your design.
We will take care of the rest for you 🙂